BxB Professionals LLC, Can Help Train, Motivate and Mentor You Or Your Organization.

We have In Person Workshops that focus on the attendee, whether in business or not. These Workshops DO NOT focus on the facilitation of the Exchange of Business Leads Between Members or other Participants. These workshops can be held at any venue in any region. 

Attention BNI, Stars, SBNA, EDGE, BPN, LeTip type Category Exclusive leads Groups, Should You Choose To Apply To One Of Our Referral Groups, See Below.

Current members of similar Category Exclusive, Referral Networking Groups are Discouraged from Applying and should consult their current By-Laws and policies  before doing so. Regional Chapters Starting, Nationwide, Immediately. Suffolk County, NY Chapters Coming Soon, 2025!

Why BXB?

Progressive Training Programs, Mentoring programs & also B2B networking  groups. Unlike your grandparents networking groups. At BxB, we Focus on business creative growth, more networking, less rules, and bureaucracy. BXB focuses on the growth of their members’ business through networking, mentoring, exciting activities and fun.

Mission Statement

The mission of BXB is to connect like-minded business individuals with the purpose of sharing success. We accomplish this through Training, Mentoring and Sharing of Business Ideas. We also look to help flourish your success through business leads and networking. All of Which will enable these individuals to grow personally, professionally, and profitably.

Our Values

Grow Personally

Personal growth is essential for a fulfilling life. It’s about developing your talents and skills, overcoming challenges, and becoming the best version of yourself.

BXB Professionals offers a variety of resources to help you grow personally. From our weekly networking meetings to our creative education units, we provide opportunities for you to learn, grow, and connect with others.

Grow Professionally

Professional growth is essential for career success. It’s about developing your skills and knowledge, building relationships, and advancing your career.

BXB Professionals is a great place to grow professionally. Our members are a diverse group of successful business owners and professionals. By networking with our members, you can learn from their experience, get referrals, and find new opportunities.

Grow Profitably

Profitable growth is essential for a successful business. It’s about increasing your sales and profits while maintaining a healthy bottom line.

BXB Professionals can help you grow profitably. Our members are committed to helping each other succeed. By networking with our members, you can find new customers, partners, and suppliers. You can also learn about new products and services, and get advice on how to grow your business.

Build Relationships

The cornerstone of success for any BXB Member lies in the significance of cultivating enduring and robust connections. Relationships serve as the very underpinning of a thriving business, and through the nurturing of authentic connections with others, you will forge a network of individuals who have faith in and provide support for your endeavors.


To establish these robust relationships, concentrate on getting to know people on a more profound level. Engage in meaningful, in-person meetings. Deliver heartfelt, memorable testimonials. Share your expertise and guide those who are new to networking. Through your consistent presence and active involvement, you will showcase your unwavering commitment to building meaningful connections and expanding your network. The cultivation of strong relationships engenders an environment characterized by trust and support, resulting in happiness, opportunity, and purpose.

Invest in your personal growth to become the leader you aspire to be. Your value increases as you develop your knowledge and skills. Lifelong learning and lasting happiness are inherently intertwined.

Maintain Accountability

Accountability, signifying the willingness to take ownership of your actions and uphold your commitments, is a fundamental trait. When you exhibit accountability, it instills trust in others that you will honor your pledges and provide support when they require it.

To showcase accountability, set realistic objectives and standards for yourself, your business, and your BXB membership. Maintain transparent and truthful communication with your clients and referral partners, and consistently fulfill your commitments. By holding yourself accountable, you’ll cultivate the essential trust within your Chapter, increasing the likelihood that your fellow BXB Members will refer business to you.

Sow To Reap

The “Sow To Reap” principle embodies a straightforward yet compelling concept. It asserts that when you provide business opportunities to others, they will be inclined to reciprocate and offer business to you. In essence, when you support the success of others, they, in turn, are inspired to support yours..

BXB Professionals learn to only expect business, leads, referrals, connections, etc, after giving first. Cultivate relationships, be Accountable and Refer Others FIRST, then Reap the Rewards.

Training & Mentoring Programs.

Through In Person Workshops and Through Virtual Zoom Calls, we aim to take professionals to the next level. These programs are not traditional Chapter style meetings. They are not category specific and are not designed to facilitate the exchange of business leads between members or other participants.

Our Workshops are being held in all regions. The goal is to help like minded professionals, whether in business or not, become better at their roles within their organization.